Thee Cherylinas - Germany's Beat Ladies Nr. 1

Thee Cherylinas - our story - and the beat goes on....
The All-Girl Band was founded in 1991 and played with various line-ups the international mod/60s scene until 1996, when they split up and moved to several different countries. Most of the girls played in various different bands including Anja Stax (the Diaboliks/Loons), Heike Marx (Flake/Furdelux) and Nicole (Furdelux/Beatnicky & the Soulraides) and many more.
In 2010 the girls got together and decided to hit the stage together for one reunion gig, but as fate would have it many more bookings and new fans overwhelmed the band so that they decided to keep going for the foreseeable future. The new band line up consisted of the original members Nicole (vocals), Heike (Hammond), Natalie (guitar/backing vocals) and as new members, Michelle (bass/backing vocals) and Thommy (Apemen) and Harry (the Vibe) on drums, Nicole's old band mate from the late Eighties 60s Garage Punk Band, the Biting Butterflies. In 2015 the band was finished - again. Michelle was a young mother. Heike decided to permanently stay in the UK which made regular rehearsal impossible and most importantly the girls only wanted to continue as a pure all-girl-group, if at all. Nicky had to battle breast cancer and for some time it all looked a bit grim...
By mid 2017 the band found back together again with a new guitarist - Marlene who's all girl band Peaches & Cream had just split up. Natalie the guitarist moved to the drums and fullfilled a big dream of hers. Hence an important gap could be closed - finding a good female drummer and guitarist at the same time. Karma had it and send the band the talented jazz musician Nika Johnson on Hammond organ.
For the first time in 20 years the line up is perfect again and the ladies are ready to rock more than ever.. Thee Cherylinas have stuck true to their roots and play a mix of self-penned beat songs as their classic cover versions e.g. The Who’s Can’t Explain or Status Quo’s famous Picture of Matchstick Man and Heartful of Soul/For your Love by the Yardbirds.
New are the German lyrics for a all the cover versions and their own songs. The song lyrics are not only translated but reworked and reflect the new Millenium. Sixties Beat 2.0 they call it... New songs are being written and the ladies hope to have their first album out for their 30th stage jubilee in 2021.... the Beat goes on!
27 years today and the Beat-Ladies are better than ever ! Don’t miss this !


Lead Singer & Songwriter 1991- now


Guitar & Back Vox 1992 - 1994,

Drums & Back Vox 2010 - now


Bass 2010 - now


Guitar 2017 - now


Organ 2018 - now

Some of the former Cherylinas


Organ 1991-2012


Bass 1994-1996


Bass 1991-1994


Drums 1991-1996


Guitar 1994-1996


Drums 2012-2015

Thee Cherylinas 1991 until now

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